Accessing blocked websites

Many Internet users meet the problem of blocked websites and, of course, all of them are looking for a good and reliable solution for accessing blocked sites.

Why some sites are restricted?

There are lots of different Internet limits. In many countries like China, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Belize, and others some sites, social networks, and Internet services are blocked. This is a part of governments politics there and citizens suffer from Internet censorship in those countries.

Another variant is limits in school or offices. Sometimes this is reasonable because neither teachers no bosses want their people spend time on entertainment or adult sites. That is why such services are blocked.

So what to do if you cannot access some site?

The good news is that most of web filters are based on IP address. This means that when you try to browse some restricted web page with your IP you will be banned. This prompt us very easy and fast decision to unblock restricted websites we need only change IP!

The nest question is how to mask or change your IP address? Many services can help you to do that. You can use proxy or vpn service.

Personal vpn for accessing blocked sites

I would recommend vpn service because it lets to use any program or application that requires safe and anonymous Internet connection. Personal VPN service is more reliable then proxy and usually it will give you higher speed.

However the speed of your connection under the vpn depends on your geographic location. For example if you are in Australia, your vpn server is in Europe, and you try to use American services your speed can be low. And this is usually not a problem of vpn service.

Also you must understand that personal vpn cannot make your Internet channel wider. It can only help you to change virtually your IP.

So for accessing blocked websites you can use personal vpn service. It lets you surf safe and anonymous and gives you freedom on-line.

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