Best vpn for China

Best vpn for China

  • Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others in China
  • Fast vpn connection with no speed limits
  • Reliable and secure vpn connection
  • Professinal support and the best prices
  • American, Canadian, Euripean IPs

Chinas Internet is very limited and people in this country are not free to access many websites. For example, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many others are blocked in this country. Is there any way to unblock websites in China?

To answer this question we need to understand first the nature of Internet censorship in China. The point is that the most of web filters of Chinas Great wall are based on the ip address. So to avoid the restrictions in China you need just to hide real ip address and change it to another one.

There are many tools that help to change ip address and vpn service for China is one of the best solutions. Vpn service providers offer a lot of different vpn plans and services so how to select the best vpn service to use in China?

The main features you must consider selecting the best vpn for China is speed limits, VPN servers locations, price, technical support and the reputation of vpn provider.

If you wish to watch US TV, Hulu or Netflix you must choice USA vpn service. Because it in this case you will have US VPN account. Also the speed is very essential if you are going to watch videos via vpn tunnel.

If you want to surf anonymously and unblock Facebook, access Youtube and others restricted sites almost any vpn will suit you. The main thing is to select the country of vpn server where sites you would like to visit are not restricted.

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