Easy VPN

What is easy vpn?

VPN is virtual private network that help people to be anonymous online. VPN is a secured tunnel between your PC and vpn server that lets to hide real IP and also code all your traffic. So vpn is secured connection created between your computer and vpn server. Nobody can review the traffic in that encrypted channel.

Why do you need vpn?

You might need easy vpn if you want to stay anonymous online and change your real IP address you can do this with vpn service.

Also people use easy vpn to get an access to some blocked websites or services. For example you can unblock Skype, VoIP, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook and any other site.

How to make a vpn

To create vpn connection you need to know vpn server url and your easy vpn account data (user name and password). Buying a vpn account you receive your vpn account data (vpn server address, username and password). When you get all these data you can create vpn connection using vpn set up guide.

This is very simple and you use easy vpn in any country of the world. Easy vpn can be used at work or at home.

Now you can stay anonymous in the Internet with easy vpn. Surf sites and be sure that your on-line privacy is under control.

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VPN Account accept Western Union
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