Netflix Outside US ipad

There are many great services which allow to watch fun videos, series, tv episodes and others. Netflix is one of the best in the Unites States. It is great and millions of users watch Netflix on ipad, iphone, xbox but the only problem is that you cannot watch it from outside the USA without any special tricks. Netflix blocks users outside US.

Netflix ipad outside us Ц how to?

Is it possible to watch Netflix on ipad in Europe and in others countries outside US? The answer is yes! Now letТs review it more detailed.

Netfilx ban users with non us ip so to watch Netflix outside us on ipad, iphone or any other devise you just need to make Netflix think that you have USA IP.

VPN technology or virtual private network is exactly what you need for this. VPN hides your real IP and you can show your IP as USA one what is needed to get an access to Netflix videos.

Below you can find step by step instructions how to watch Netflix on any device including ipad, xbox, iphone from outside the United States.

  1. Select USA VPN provider
    The first step is to find good and reliable vpn services provider. Free services can be used to watch Netflix and Hulu but usually they have too slow speed and very often their IPs are blocked by Netflix. However it is worth to try free proxy or vpn services if you want to save your money. For those who prefer to save time and nervous I would recommend fast and good working paid vpn service. You can select any USA vpn service from many available today. The only note Ц check if they provide USA IPs. This is absolutely necessary for watching Netflix from Europe and anywhere outside US.
  2. After buying vpn account you need to create new vpn connection between your ipad, PC, iphone or another device and vpn server which must be located in USA. You can easily find special step by step vpn setup guides.

    For example read below how to setup vpn on iphone, ipad, ipod touch to watch Netflix from outside the United Sates.

    To make a vpn tunnel on your ipad or iphone do the next:

    • Select Settings > General > Network > VPN.
    • Click Add VPN Configuration.
    • Choose PPTP VPN.
    • On the following screen please enter you vpn account data. You should receive your vpn server name, username and password from your VPN service provide. Save your vpn configuration.
    • When your vpn channel is ready Ц connect to vpn and enjoy Netflix like you are in the states.

So watch Netflix outside US is easy with personal USA vpn account.

Please do not hesitate and let me know if you still have any further question regarding the vpn.

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