How Can I Use Viber in UAE?

Our modern life requires communications every day. We need to be in touch with our family and business partners.

Several years ago the only solution to talk to your friends was cell phone with really expensive rates especially on international calls. Today we have a big variety of different services and applications which work with VOIP solutions.

Viber is one of the most popular and easy in use tool for on-line communications. It needs Internet connection and you can talk for free to your friends, family or business partners even if you are in different parts of the world.

Unfortunately like many others VOIP services Viber is blocked in United Arab Emirates.

However you still can use it with vpn account.

VPN Account offer you secure and reliable vpn service that masks your IP address and so lets to bypass Internet limits in UAE.

This is absolutely safe and very convenient.

You can use Viber in your Android mobile phone or Android Tablet, iPhone, or any other device which supports vpn technology.

VPN account guarantee you complete anonymity and security.

How to Use Viber in UAE on Android

    1. Get VPN account

2. Setup VPN tunnel

To setup a new vpn connection on your device with Android system you need to follow the next instructions.

    1. Tap Settings icon

how to setup VPN in android

2. Select Wireless & Networks and tap on VPN

how to setup VPN in android

3. Tap Add VPN Network

how to setup VPN in android

4. Input connection name, select the type of your VPN connection — PPTP VPN, input VPN server address from your account data.
Please be carefully — don’t use any additional symbols like spaces, http://, www, / …etc in the server address.

how to setup VPN in android

5. Input your Username and password that you received from VPN account service in e-mail.
Save it and tap Connect

how to setup VPN in android


For connection to vpn server:
Select Home > Menu > Settings
Tap Wireless & networks
Tap VPN settings
The VPN connections you have added are present in the list
Tap the VPN you wish to connect to (VPN Account)
A dialog box will open asking for your credentials, enter them and click connect
When you are connected to VPN, you will see an ongoing notification in the Status bar on your Android device. If you are disconnected, you will receive a notification and an option to go back to the VPN settings section.

For Disconnection from the VPN:
Open the notifications panel at the top of the screen on your Motorola DROID 2 and click on the VPN notification, then select disconnect.

3. Connect to Viber

4. Enjoy communications!

How to Use Viber in UAE in OS device

    1. Get VPN account

2. Setup VPN connection on your iOS device

To make a new vpn connection in your iOS device you need to do the next:

    1. Go to Settings > General > VPN
      setup vpn in iOS 10 - 1

2. Click Add VPN Configuration. Select L2TP VPN and click Back

setup vpn in iPhone/iPad 2

3. Input you VPN account data — server, account and password. You get these data from Sahrzad service in the e-mail after ordering vpn. Fill the Secret field — secret (small letters)

setup vpn in iPhone/iPad 3

4. Tap Done to save the settings.

setup vpn in iPhone/iPad 4


Once you have created vpn connection you can switch it on and off on the main settings screen.


4. Talk to your friends and family!


Find more vpn setup instructions here:


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