VPN For Indonesia: Why use and How to select the best?

Internet censorship is a big problem for many Internet users in the world. The most severe limits are in Asia and Middle East. Indonesia is among the countries which block some content.

Adult sites are prohibited in this country and recently Tumblr blogging platform was banned in Indonesia for distributing adult content.

Previously, Indonesia has already ordered social networking sites to remove any emotions representing same-sex couples.

 censored-Indonesia According to country’s media, about 500 sites were shut down by authorities.

In addition, Netflix video streaming service was blocked by Indonesia’s biggest internet service provider.

The same problem is with Vimeo video hosting. It was also restricted in Indonesia for adult only content.

So many people are searching for some solution to bypass all these on-line limits.

How to avoid Internet restrictions in Indonesia?

Internet censorship in Indonesia is based on geo location or on your IP address. If you can hide real IP you can access any blocked website.

The best solution to resolve this problem is using safe and secure IP changing tool. And the most reliable is VPN – virtual private Network.



VPN is a secured virtual tunnel that masks your IP address and encrypts all your traffic making you completely anonymous and safe.


Advantages of using VPN in Indonesia

  • Your IP address is hidden
  • You are anonymous
  • You are safe and protected
  • You can access any blocked website
  • All your data is ebcrypted

VPN tunnel masks your IP address so it lets to avoid any on-line blocks in Indonesia.

Besides that all your data is protected from any third parties such as authorities, hackers, police, government, boss at work, and other.

It is impossible to monitor your Internet activity when you are using vpn service.

How to select the best VPN for Indonesia


 What-we-do.. When you are selecting a good VPN for Indonesia you need to consider the following key factors:

  1. Servers locations.
  2. This is the main point but not many vpn users pay attention to it. The location of vpn server is the country where it is located and what IP address you will get as a result using this vpn. The closer vpn server to you the faster speed you can get. However all depends on your needs. If you need to unblock sites you have to select the country where there are no limits. If you need to get a specific country IP address it is better to consider only needed country.

  3. Speed and bandwidth limits
  4. Some vpn providers restrict your speed. If you need vpn for video streaming it is better to chose vpn provider who will not limit your speed.

    Selecting vpn provider please take attention to possible bandwidth limits if this criteria important for you.

  5. Encryption and security
  6. The most popular is 128-bit encryption. However 256-bit is more reliable. Encryption level provide you security and anonymity on-line.

  7. Log files
  8. Before buying a vpn service ask if they keep log files. This is additional factor of your safety and security. No log files mean the best level of security.

  9. Price
  10. Of price is another important factor for vpn service. But please remember that very cheap vpn is probable not the best solution due to safety and reliability.

  11. Money Back Guarantee
  12. If you decided to buy a vpn – read Refund policy. Can you return your money in case you do not like the service?

  13. Free trial
  14. Free trial is probable the best option vpn provider can offer their customers. In this case you can test the service before buying and be sure that it works for you.

  15. P2P/Torrents
  16. If you are going to download torrents it is better to discuss this with your vpn provider before buying a service because many vpn providers prohibit this activity.

  17. Instructions/Customer support

Very often new vpn users have some questions or problems with the first vpn setup. It is better to review vpn setup guides and find out if vpn provider can assist you.