Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

Need to exceed Vietnam internet censorship to enjoy Facebook?

What worst nightmare for a facebook addict that would come true? Not being able to log in to Facebook and update his travels in Vietnam by posting photos and sharing his stories to his friends and loved ones. If you live in a country such as Vietnam where the government monitor and record whatever you do in the internet, then there is a solution which you can do on how to open facebook in Vietnam.

One way to do this is to use VPN, or virtual private network. A vpn allows internet users to create a private network through the internet. It sends the information through a secured tunnel from your computer back to the VPN server. The information stored in the computer is encrypted and the internet traffic is traveling under the secured tunnel thus makes you sign in in complete anonymity and security.

When you are connected to VPN service, you are allowed to use the internet securely and anonymously without ever going through government agencies and company who are able to view what you are doing and record your activities. Through VPN service, your internet information coming from your computer is re-routed through a terminal in another country. That way, you are registered to another location in a different part of the world where Facebook is not blocked or restricted. You have your internet provider believe you are logging in from United States or in Canada or United Kingdom thus going on to your favorite social networking site without running afoul of Vietnam’s internet law.

No need for an additional installation once you avail VPN service. You can start connecting to the Internet without extra hassle. Fast and stable connection is another benefit in availing VPN; there is no significant dropping of your internet connection and its speed is up to 10mbps.

For people who are spending time out of their own countries, VPN service can be sold for as little as one week and can go for one year. Start subscribing to a VPN account if you want to enjoy Facebook in Vietnam 24/7. Prices are available at about ten dollars every month, and you can start to access to blocked websites anywhere in the world or without leaving Vietnam.

1 week VPN account  -   $5 $3.50* Order 1 month VPN account - $15 $10.50* Order 3 months VPN Account - $40 $28* Order 6 months VPN Account - $75 $52* Order 1 year VPN Account   - $140 $98* Order
*To get 30% discount you need to enter COUPON CODE VPNSALES on the secured VPN Account order page.

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