Unblock Skype in Belize

Many people visit Belize every year to enjoy its beautiful nature and wonderful places for rest. And all of them meet the problem of blocked Skype. This is very unpleasant surprise for people who used to exploit all the advantages of modern world, such and unlimited Internet access and web services.

Skype is very convenient program for international communication. It is free if you use it Skype to Skype and much cheaper than usual calls in case of using the service to call usual phones.

But why Skype is blocked by Belize telecom and is it honest to its citizens and tourists? I am sure that the only reason for this is the money. Due to Skype telecommunication companies lose lots of money on international calls and that it why they restrict Skype and Voip. Skype can not be illegal and we have to find the solution for this problem and unblock Skype in Belize.

How to unblock Skype in Belize?

This is very simple question and you can find an answer when understand the process of the restriction. Skype is blocked in Belize based on the IP address. This means that if you can hide your real IP you can enjoy cheap Skype communication with people you love.

Personal VPN is one of the fastest and the most reliable way to get unlimited access to all the web services including Skype. VPN account can help you to unblock Skype in Belize in a few minutes.

All you need is buy vpn account and create new vpn connection between your computer and vpn server. And that is all – you can stay anonymous and protected in the Internet and unblock Skype in Belize and any other country as well.

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