Unblock Skype in Kuwait

Kuwait is not very popular tourist country today but lots of people go there by business or by some other reason. Internet censorship in Kuwait is very strict as in many Middle East countries and a great number of useful websites and services are blocked there.

How to unblock sites and Skype in Kuwait?

If you are looking the answer to this question you are in the right place. Before I tell you how to unblock Skype in Kuwait let us try to understand how this is made. Most Internet restrictions in Kuwait and others countries like UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Belize are based on the IP Address. So when you try to open certain site, for example Skype, from your Kuwait IP Ц it could be blocked. But if your friend from USA or Canada opens the same site Ц it will work properly.

What does this means? This means that you can unblock Skype, Voip and others blocked sites in Kuwait if you can hide your real IP and change it to the ip of another country, USA, Canada or any other where Skype is not blocked.

For this purpose you can use personal vpn service. I can recommend it as the most reliable and fast solution. VPN Account can hide your real IP and also all your traffic is encrypted under the VPN connection.

You can use free or paid vpn service. The first one will cost you nothing but this is not very reliable solution. They cannot guarantee you fast and stable vpn connection. So if you need anonymous and strong vpn connection I would recommend you to use paid vpn service. USA vpn account guarantee you full access to any website in the net. So you can unblock Skype in Kuwait fast and easy with personal usa vpn account.

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