VPN Account for Iran

VPN account for Iran

Iran is one of the countries with strongest Internet censorship in the world. According to famous group Reporters Without Borders, who fight for freedom in the global network, Iran was called Enemy of Internet. Internet space and cyber world in this country is very special. So many people in Iran are looking for a safe and reliable way to bypass web limits and VPN for Iran is the best solution for this.

In March 2012 the government of the country decided to set up a body to control the internet. The Supreme Council of Virtual Space which consists of president, minister of information and culture and police and Revolutionary Guard chiefs will co-ordinate and control all the questions with web space and Internet activity in Iran.

Internet service providers in Iran must use content filters and block websites according for filter lists. The blacklist of restricted sites contains over five million of Internet sites. Most of them described as immoral, anti-social, non-Islamic, or some other reason. Only imagine that sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter are blocked in Iran. Internet activity is monitoring very serious and if you need anonymity and freedom on-line you just have to use VPN service in Iran.

Best VPN for Iran

VPN for Iran have many advantages:

  • It helps to unblock any website including news sites, social networking websites like Facebook, adults sites, video streaming and any other.
  • VPN hides real IP address and encrypt all your traffic passed via the vpn tunnel so you can be absolutely sure that nobody monitor your activity in the net.
  • You can get USA, Canada, Europe IP address and get an access to Canada or US only staff.

For example with VPN account for Iran you can watch Netflix and Hulu outside the USA.

Iran VPN is the safest and secure method to access global network anonymous, bypass Internet censorship in Iran and unblock sites.

This is extremely important for those who used to feel free in the Internet, who just come to Iran for a work or some other business. Do not limit your Internet world Ц use VPN for Iran.

How to Buy VPN in Iran

There is only one important point: Due to American embargo it is difficult to buy VPN account in Iran because most billings will not process the payment from Iran.

So if you are going to this region you need to buy vpn account for Iran before your trip.

If you are already in the country you can ask somebody from outside the country buy vpn account for you.

And one more solution Ц if you are a credit card of another country you can buy vpn for Iran using your card but in this case you must do this not from your Iranian IP address.

If you have further question regarding this please contact us and we will give you a detailed instruction how to buy Vpn account in Iran.

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